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Tue, July 16

Letter: Labor pool is already too big for open borders

It has to be said that our biggest problems can all be solved with proper border control and immigration reform. Our supply of labor is way too large to induce employers to pay good wages and have proper benefits. With a real 10 percent unemployment rate in this country, what we don’t want is open borders and a million more imported workers under H1-B Visa program.

Our prosperity and future belong to citizens, not new immigrants, and until you can show me a real shortage of people, even untrained people, without jobs, I would advance the notion that immigration should be zero.

Wages will never rise until there is competition between business and industry for good people. One other way for these same businesses to attract people is with good benefits like health care. So what I am proposing to you is to work at a 5-year moratorium on any new immigration. And with that moratorium comes the responsibility for business and industry to step up and train people or financially support specific jobs training for their needs.

In addition, government at all levels must dismiss the idea that all kids are going to college. At least the last two years in high school should be used for specific training in the industrial arts, construction, the trades and college prep.

No one should ever leave high school without a goal and the education to meet that goal.

William Ressegue


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