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Thu, April 18

Letter: Local government governs best

I am very happy to see our new government returning minor things to the state level. For a long while the feds have tried to micromanage things in enormous ways like dictating about school lunches kids dumped in the garbage.

The same goes for bathrooms. Many are in an uproar over stopping the feds denying tax dollars to schools that don’t follow their guidelines as to who can go in what bathroom, shower or locker room. At best it’s common sense. At its worse, a federal mandate with the threat of withholding tax dollars for education.

We have a lot of problems best handled locally rather than at the federal level. The same goes for firearm and marijuana laws to name a few. These are state and even county issues like dry and wet alcohol counties back East.

I believe the little stuff should be up to the folks that live there.

Harold Kidd


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