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Sat, April 20

Letter: Re: “Our nation is under attack,” letter written by Jack Hommel Feb. 24

Great job, but a couple of things need to be addressed.

Churches and law enforcement: Churches are not preaching Bible truth, but feel-good religion. Bible error is great.

Coming soon is Good Friday followed by Easter Sunday. This is not correct.

Read Matthew 12:40 in the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Next, the church has replaced Israel in Bible prophecy. God gave Israel an eternal covenant. Did he lie?

All religions preach the same God and Jesus. Really? You had better read the Bible. Your eternity depends on you.

A spiritual battle is going on between good and evil. The stage is being set for the final battle.

I have read where someone said the world was flat in God’s world. Somehow they missed Isaiah 40.22. The prophets weren’t in error.

In the Bible, the center of the Earth is Jerusalem and it will be attacked from the corners of the Earth – north, south, east and west.

The end of history as we know it is close at hand.

The last 50 years of government have not been wasted. The Bible says we will have worldwide open borders and one world leader.

It won’t be what you are expecting: depression, your body chipped, extreme violence, world war to follow.

I forgot: One world religion also will be in place. Which one?

Donald L. Cassan



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