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Sat, Aug. 24

Letter: Responding to Evolution Debate Part lll

I was cruising right along with Mr. Boggess’ viewpoint on evolution until he brought God aboard. That’s when I got off the bus at Reality Avenue.

The Adam and Eve fable ran out of gas a long time ago. It’s just not believable anymore.

For the sake of interest, let’s say there was a God and he made man in his own image as the bible states. What image was that?

Believers will of course, say God made Adam to look just like Brad Pitt, loin cloth and all. However, there could be another viewpoint. We know from anthropologists’ discoveries that many centuries ago there were pre-historic men such as Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, Java and all the way back to Peking Man. So, does God look like one of those “cave men”?

God must have looked like a pre-historic man because otherwise if he made Adam to look like modern man, he would have to de-evolve Adam after he kicked him out of the Garden of Eden. Then Adam would have to start all over again evolving into modern man.

Lets see, modern man to cave man then back to modern man ...

Gosh, those bones of early man in the museums are looking more realistic with every passing day.

T. Allen

Golden Valley

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