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Sat, Aug. 24

Letter: Casella’s letter great, but there is one issue

Great well-written article by Jason Casella in the Feb. 28 paper.

He's done a lot of research on the subject: What we as a civilization can look forward to.

I'm going to take issue with one of his statements, though.

To quote from his article:  "We need evidence after all, and more than notoriously unreliable eyewitness testimonies."

In 1973 four Army reservists, a helicopter crew, were returning to their home base after spending the day undergoing annual physical exams when they were "buzzed" by a large craft.  The craft positioned itself in front  of the helicopter and affected the helicopter's controls.  The commander, Lt. Coyne, reported the incident to an FAA representative.

In 1949, five people fishing on the Rogue River in Oregon viewed a disc-shaped craft in the skies above them.

Not wanting to be known to the public as having "seen a UFO", they chose not to tell their story to the San Francisco papers. Instead, they reported the incident to the security officer for the company for which they worked, Ames Research Laboratory near San Francisco. All the witnesses held either Secret or Top Secret clearances.

Project Grudge personnel said the item was a kite; part of a weather balloon apparatus.  The scientists at Battelle Institute disagreed. They couldn't identify it. (­cases/case728.htm) 

Those are just two of many incidents recorded over the years.  

So I guess for now we can agree to disagree on the subject of UFOs.  

 Hopefully, Mr. Casella will become interested in digging into that subject at some time in the future.  He might find it fascinating. 

Mike Hayes

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