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Tue, May 21

Letter: Religious views on science ‘don’t pan out’

T. Allen

Golden Valley

In response to Karen Fays viewpoint on a flat earth, I feel I must do a rebuttal since my name was mentioned in her letter.

People who do not believe in a God have been subjected to name calling for centuries. Names like heretic, pagan, atheist and worse. These are names made up by, who else, God-fearing religious leaders.

Fortunately in modern times, burning at the stake for non-believers has gone by the wayside, although the name calling still continues to this day. I actually prefer being called a realist because a realist deals in facts and good old common sense.

When Columbus had been out to sea for a lengthy time, his crew was sure they would eventually fall off the edge of the earth. This was written in the ships logs. Who put that idea in their heads? Religious leaders.

When Magellan set sail to prove the earth was round, who told him not to go and that the earth was flat as the Bible said? Religious leaders.

So now in modern times, religious followers tell us not to take it literally when the Bible writes of a flat earth. When you come to that part, sing a hymn or look away. Don’t believe it because the authors didn’t mean it.

What other parts of the Bible should we “not take literally” as Karen Fay says? How about Jonah and the whale? That story is the most far fetched fable one could ever hear. Let’s “not take that literally.”

Noah’s Ark, can you imagine how difficult it would be to round up two of each animal on the planet, stick them on a boat and expect them to stay on the boat for a whole year as it says in the bible? Well, lets “not take that story literally” either.

As a matter of fact, lets not take Adam and Eve literally with his rib bone pulled to make a woman, the talking snake and all that.

For sure we shouldn’t take it literally when Cain went over the hill and took a wife as the Bible says. There weren’t any other humans over the hill. The Bible insists Cain got his wife over the hill, maybe Cain married an ape. Hey, don’t laugh. If Cain could teach her to shave her legs and wear lipstick she might be a real looker. As far as taking her out to dinner, Cain wouldn’t have to spend a lot on steak, lobster and wine, just give her some eucalyptus leaves to chew on.

Religious leaders will continue to try justifying the stories of the Bible. In past centuries, they did it by threats and torture. These days they change their stories through their own interpretation and distortion, just enough to keep the public believing. The authors of the Bible made up a lot of what they wrote. They wrote about things they didn’t know anything about.

Karen Fay tried her best to legitimize sections of the Bible through her own interpretation, but failed. Sorry Karen, but your interpretations don’t pan out.

Before Magellan sailed back with the “round” news, all religious leaders taught from the Bible that the earth was flat.


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