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Tue, April 23

Letter: This is a reply to Shawn Byrne’s editorial “Pride, lies and hyprocisy”

Even now as a registered Republican, I found it difficult to vote for Governor Ducey. I wish him well, but his agenda to me is unclear.

In this so call “right to work state,” many workers value as human beings and employees are cast aside for profits.

Never mind the fact that, because of their hard work, their employers as well as the state and federal treasuries benefit from their toil.

I firmly believe the federal government should stay out of states’ matters as well.

At the same time, Governor Ducey should show independence and leadership by restoring cuts to education funding stolen by a previous state administration to balance the budget during the recession.

This can be done with the tools he as as governor.

Waste no more time on apathy and political correctness.

Apparently Mr. Byrne has a problem with President Trump and Governor Ducey having an “R” (Republican) after their names.

I would prefer to have an “I” (Independent) after my name. Unfortunately, our state legislators feel we are not intelligent enough to vote in an “open primary.”

Democrat or Republican, choose one or the other.

The latter is closer to my values.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions did the right thing recusing himself until an independent investigation can be completed.

Remember, we are innocent until proven guilty!

Let’s take a quick look at his accusers.

Oh, I see, mostly “D” (Democrats) a.k.a. “socialist malcontents”, who openly hold meetings with foreign diplomats before, during, and after elections.


You tell me.

Jack Goyeneche


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