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Tue, Jan. 28

If I Were King For A Day

What if you were the king of the country and got to make all the rules?

Often times when my brother and myself are talking about some of the things in this country of ours that seem wrong or unfair, he will end the discussion with, "If I were king." I wondered what things people would change if they actually were the king. So, I spent a little time asking the question. What things would you change if you were king? Some of the answers surprised me and some did not. I will let you be the judge.

The very first person I asked was a 72-year-old female: "If I were the king I would make sure we had something like socialized medicine. Where the doctors and hospitals were all paid by the government, and no one needed insurance. There would be no need for Medicare or Medicaid. I would also do away with lobbyists who are allowed to make side deals with congressman and senators in order to pass certain bills. Last but not least, I would legalize marijuana across the board in ALL states."

My next question was to a 53-year old-male: "If I were king, I would require that all men who did not go into the military would be required to do two years of community service or two years in the reserves. They would have until age 25 to complete their service. I would bring back auto-shop and wood-working classes to all high schools. Those students who could not go on to college would then at least have some job skills. I would also legalize marijuana in all states. One more thing. I would require that people pass a test and get some kind of license/permit to have children.

Next, I put the question to myself. What if I were king? I know I would require that all dog breeders must be licensed by the state. All would be required to file taxes or 1099s reflecting all money they received. Backyard over-breeding would be an automatic one year in jail. Single parents who are working full time would have childcare paid for by the state until the child was school age. Thus cutting down the number of child abuse cases by babysitter-boyfriends. I would also require that all aircraft carriers no longer fit for service be used as jails. They would hold low level offenders who had already been sentenced. (If the ships were good enough to hold our service men, they should certainly be OK for prisoners.)

Moving right along. I next put the question to a 74-year-old neighbor, male: "I have to say I totally agree that we need a wall between us and Mexico. Something like the Berlin wall used to be, with armed people in charge. I also think I would make low-income housing available to everyone who needs it. No one in this country should be living in the streets solely because they don't make enough to pay the regular rent. The veterans who were promised medical care after their service would be allowed to go to private doctors and hospitals if they could not get appointments at VA hospitals.

My question then went to a 55-year old-female: "That's easy for me. If I were king I would first require that all the churches, and especially the TV evangelists, pay taxes! Or at least audit them every two years and see where the heck all the money goes. Next, I would kick those lazy congressman out on their butts after eight years. No more career politicians. Isn't it enough that they make over $100,000 a year for working a part-time job?"

Getting back to my brother, He would change the income tax structure to the way it was in the 50s. He would completely close the border to Mexico and no longer import anything from their side. He would stop all exporting of oil to any other country until this country has come up with an alternative fuel and it is affordable and used all over the country.

In a perfect world, everyone would have everything they need for a long, healthy and productive life. Why then are so many people struggling to get by without some of their basic needs? Innocent people should never end up in jail/prison because they did not have adequate counsel. People should not live in the street because they have bad credit, or cannot come up with a deposit. Children should not be left in the care of those who would abuse them because the mother cannot afford child care. Yes, there are many injustices in our world. My generation will not likely see any major changes. Except, of course, perhaps the acceptance of marijuana all across the country.

You may be thinking, how great this would all be, but where would all the money come from to change all these things? To that I say, we first have to recognize and admit that these things need changing.

In this fantasy world of being the king, we could change and fix so many things.

What would you change if you were king?

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