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Tue, March 26

Letter: Keep Gosar accountable to his own standards

Paul Gosar has been my representative for about two years. As an interested citizen, I have not always agreed with him, but I have been keen to learn about his positions by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

I comment regularly on his official Facebook posts and tweets, so imagine my surprise when I, a constituent he is supposed to represent in Washington, recently found myself blocked from his social media posts. Not only my posts are missing, but also anyone who does not agree with his stated view is disappearing. I formally requested an explanation for why I was blocked on social media and have received no response to date.

I agree when people on social media are employing foul language they should be removed, but in most of the instances on Paul Gosar’s pages the only offense is dissent.

In 2011, as a freshman legislator, Gosar said that his role was to “advocate for policy initiatives important to my constituents”. In 2013 he said, “Nobody likes politicians who promise one thing during campaign season and then do another back in D.C.”

Well Representative Gosar, you are not doing what you have promised and some of your constituents do not like it.

Our district elected a representative who prides himself on his patriotism and defense of the Constitution; let’s keep him accountable to that and to his own standards.

Denise Murphy


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