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Thu, July 18

Letter: Officials behind the scene action destroying wildlife

Anyone enjoying wildlife, walking in the woods, a sunset, or the beach is affected by the behind the scenes actions of some elective officials to destroy the endangered species act, wildlife, and taxpayer’s public lands and parks to pass bills without public knowledge or opposition to feed their greed.

On February 16th, the U.S. House voted on H. J. RES. 69 repealing a federal rule prohibiting slaughtering of Alaskan wolves and bears on National Wildlife Refuges. H. J. RES. 69 allows the slaughtering of wolves, coyotes, & bears, including their babies or pregnant mothers in their dens on taxpayer national wildlife refuges where wildlife are supposed to be safe from man.

On Aug. 3, 2016, The USFWS joined the National Park Service regulating national wildlife refuges in Alaska, overruling an Alaskan state law encouraging extreme and excessive killing of bears, wolves and coyotes to promote game animals.

H. J. RES. 69 strips this regulation; Permitting slaughtering by baiting, tortuous trapping, snares, poisons, and aircraft in order to satisfy increasing demands for the murdering of deer, elk, moose and caribou.

Predator man kills for sport taking the biggest and best while depleting the genetic pool and weakening the herds. Nature’s predators kill for survival, taking the weak, ill or elderly, ensuring the strength and survival of the herds. Man disrupts nature’s equilibrium, wildlife ensure it.

This proposal is geared to special interests preferring to destroy America’s wilderness for greed.

Americans must be informed of the behind the scene dealing that strips taxpayers of their investments in wildlife. Anyone enjoying nature, fresh air, mountains, beaches, or forests must stand and be heard. Americans behavior regarding nature are an embarrassment and shouldn’t allow greedy special interest to destroy our wilderness and wildlife.

Everyone should let their officials know now and demand them to vote against H.J. RES. 69

If passed, a chain reaction could occur, leading to other slaughtering bills. Imagine Yellowstone with oil rigs, fracking in the Grand Canyon, or the Smokey Mountains deforested.

Is this the America you want in the future? The few greedy would bask in wealth, while America’s wildlife and wilderness vanishes.

Irene Sette


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