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Mon, May 20

Letter: Do Mohave County officials take tours?

How often do any of our county officials especially supervisors, health or environment departments tour the districts of Mohave County? Is the answer never? How many show any concern about conditions, sanitation or the welfare of the people? Is the answer never?

We will always have poor districts where people need help. The elderly, disabled, widowed, and single parents unable to keep up their properties in repair and appearance. We need agents to call on them and help them in their distress. Our welfare departments perhaps.

But there are many able bodied men and women who would and do take advantage of any kind of welfare. Unwed couples with children, who with more children receive more free help money. The men refusing to take responsibility. And of course, no actions displayed to up keep their lodgings, yards, or environment. Just plain lazy.

And landlords who do not screen their tenants. Slum landlords they are called – they only want rent money with little or no upkeep on their properties. And like our county officials, no towing, inspections, or showing any concern about conditions.

We need enforced rules, codes and regulations, and laws to prevent these problems.

If the tenant or owner does not keep up their homes and environments, actions should be taken by the county.

It is astounding and unbelievable how many properties are in such bad condition with weeds, debris, garbage, discarded items, junk of all kinds, even disabled cars and trucks – toys – and I could go on and on.

The weeds with their pollen – the garbage with its pollution. Old mattresses and furniture with bugs and vermin. There are so many unhealthy items on display.

Some places, you have to crawl over the trash to get to the front door. I repeat – astounding and unbelievable. And human beings live there.

And our county officials do nothing. The most neglected districts are in what we call Butler and Birdland.

Our county officials look the other way ignoring the problems, but professing innocence that they don’t know of any violation.

Woe to this community with no help in sight.

This is wasted taxpayers money not being used to correct this corruption.

Terry Rocky


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