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Tue, May 21

Letter: Stamper Brown boils the blood

There are so many misstatements in Susan Stamper Brown’s March 21 column that it’s hard to know where to begin.

She mentions “unhinged liberals and their uncontrolled rage,” while ignoring universal agreement among law enforcement that the small groups of violent extremists who crashed otherwise peaceful demonstrations were unequivocally condemned by the vast majority of protestors.

She also ignores the 1,000–plus documented incidents of violence and harassment committed against minorities, women, non-Christians, etc. in the wake of the election in apparent tribute to Trump’s rabidly racist, sexist, xenophobic rhetoric. Some minor property damage is far less destructive than the phenomenal number of physical attacks and other forms of terrorism inflicted on actual human beings by Trump celebrants.

Brown claims that a Hitler-esque regime would simply shoot protestors, while failing to mention Republican-led legislation (including Arizona’s SB 1142) that would allow law enforcement to arrest and confiscate the property of organizers and others involved in peaceful, constitutionally-protected protests if there is violence from any quarter, which even extends to the mere possibility of violence.

It’s not even necessary to take part in violent activity to be arrested. Apparently just having the audacity to object to the current regime’s policies is enough.

Proposals by Trump and his motley crew would slash survival programs for the most vulnerable members of society to finance Nazi-style round-ups and “detention facilities”, which also seems highly reminiscent of the Third Reich to me.

Brown’s accusation that Holocaust deniers are “Leftists” conveniently overlooks the fact that the Trump White House chose to leave out any mention of Jewish people or anti-Semitism in its Holocaust Remembrance Day press release, and that Trump’s top aid, Steve Bannon, is the self-admitted creator of a national platform for the alt-right, which is rife with Holocaust deniers and anti-semites.

Finally, she calls for a boycott of media sources that promote “fake news.” If Trump had quoted major left-leaning media outlets instead of right-wing lie machines like Fox and Brietbart, he would not now have legislators from both parties calling on him to apologize for his baseless slanders.

Aleeta Stamn



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