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Thu, July 18

Letter: We’re in trouble if the Russian stories are true

Well many years ago, a very famous old Soviet Union leader made a statement that ran in a well-known American magazine publication.

At time it puzzled me. It was as if my fading old age memory does not leave me during Reagan years in the 1980s. This old Soviet leader stated “He would defeat America by becoming our friend.”

At time this held no meaning to me, but today it does with the infiltrating of our government.

Spying on us has been age old, but actually helping someone get elected who might be blackmailed, took a financial bribe, who sings the Russian praises like he was a baptized Russian himself? An American general who took a pay check from a Russian television, state run media outlet? Several suspicious underlings of the Putin fan’s campaign leadership, money ties to a Russian money laundering bank in Cyprus partially owned by our new Secretary of Commerce, and a Russian Oligarch named the Fertilizer King, funny sales of homes in Florida by Putin’s new best friend in America and twice what he paid for them?

I mean why would anyone pay twice the value unless it’s a bribe or a way to disguise dirty money?

One can laugh, joke, and ridicule, but America is in deep trouble if we have been infiltrated by a fifth-column movement of our own citizens.

R. Hill


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