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Thu, July 18

Letter: Instead of ending programs, how about charging for them?

I have been hearing many rumors about cuts in federal programs that could effect those who need help the most.

I have to wonder if there is not some middle ground between chopping the program altogether, and just charging a small amount? I truly believe that even those on very limited incomes can pay a small amount and still manage to survive.

A few years ago they started charging medicaid patients a small amount for their prescription drugs. Far as I know, everyone continued to receive their needed medications. I believe that they could also pay a $5.00 fee for a doctor visit.

I believe that school lunches do not need to be free, but rather just affordable. Perhaps a sliding scale, going down to 25 cents.

Over the years I have seen many programs abused and then done away with. Free is not always the best solution for those in need.

I think that often times those things that come too easy have far less value. In order to help those in need, and maybe even give them a little self esteem, stop making things free.

Maybe we can save some of those programs at the same time.

Linda Varon



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