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Wed, April 24

Letter: The blame game

Mr. President, you and Mr. Ryan can take the blame. First thing that should have been done is a long-term plan to create good jobs with benefits in this country. Next to come should be how to control the costs of health care provided. And that means capping the awards for medical malpractice and perhaps turning the drug companies and insurance companies into public utilities. Like your electricity and gas, drug companies and insurance companies could be regulated into a promised set profit for providing a necessary service.

One thing is for sure and for certain and that is the middle class has been decimated by the lawlessness of our financial sector, Washington playing with the mortgage rules, the corruption of Fannie and Freddie, wage stagnation and the inability of federal government to control our borders and restrict the numbers of illegal and legal immigrants now flooding the labor supply in this country. Therefore it is impractical to think that the middle class has any money left over at the end of their month to put into a health savings account or to pay high premiums.

So now you know, Mr. President, the Deplorables who voted for you are not the rich or even the semi-rich. We are the working men, women and families just squeaking by each month hoping the wind doesn’t blow off our roof, we won’t need a new transmission in our used car, or even that we won’t get laid off from our $12 per hour job that has no benefits.

Mr. President I am not an advocate of socialism, I don’t really want the federal government in my health care, but something must be done that will help the middle class. The poor have come first since LBJ’s Great Society and the rich, they are just doing what they do best ,making money. But the middle class who have chosen not to be poor and will most likely never be rich do the jobs that keep our country moving forward as teachers, truck drivers, carpenters and electricians, cab drivers and paramedic, miners and lumberjacks, family farmers and assembly line workers. Yes I am proud to say I am a Deplorable Citizen of these United States of America.

William Ressegue


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