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Sat, July 20

Letter: Health care is not the job of the federal government

If the passage of Obamacare didn’t make us all know that Big Government and health care don’t belong in the same room, then Trumpcare and its failure to pass would certainly proved the point that the founders already knew and understood.

Health care is not the job or responsibility of the Federal Government. Time to put health care in it’s place and that place is with our states. Every state is different in population, lifestyle and in their wants and needs of what the perfect health care system might look like.

Creating a system state by state with block grants from the federal government will make it easier for all Americans to receive better care and coverage.

I’m sure every state has their own ideas on just how their people need to be taken care of, and if need be, create a public utility out of the health care insurance companies.

Just as I see the failure of the USPS, Amtrak and the Tennessee Valley Authority, I see that same failure in the future for socialized medicine when the federal bureaucracy is in charge.

William Ressegue


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