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Tue, May 21

Letter: Everthing costs more, and we get blamed for it

Everything costs more. DirectTV prices have gone up after it was bought by AT&T, as we saw small charge increases.

I reduced some of the channels, ones I did not watch. Nothing is really free, no one really does not pay taxes. There’s a myth that exists about the poor do not pay taxe, but when they go to the store their receipts have a tax on it just as mine and everyone else’s does.

It’s partisan politics to scapegoat the poor as lazy, but now they scapegoat the unemployed by blaming them for their jobs going to foreign lands. The claim is that they’re lazy.

The sick are now to blame for being so incompetent that they could not predict they would get cancer or grow old and feeble from hard working jobs that break the old body down eventually. Now they are entitlement addicts for that social security insurance they paid into during their working life, but to hear the republicans tell it, the rich are the ones who deserve all the tax relief.

So they can trickle down some money to 98 percent of working Americans, who are two pay, pension, dividend or annuity checks away from homelessness, eviction, and that dreaded midnight visit from the repo man.

No, we do not have kings, queens, aristocracy names anymore, but we have billionaires, multi-millionaires, CEO’s, and elected officials who say they work for the president instead of the folks who voted them in office.

We have a billionaire in office whose only claim to fame is inheriting his wealth, bankrupting himself six times or so, cheating workers out of wages due, contractors out of labor and materials, and praises our enemy Russia and the bloody thug Putin, who kills his enemies and jails those lucky to not be deemed in need of assassination as a good guy.

R. Hil


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