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Fri, May 24

Letter: Trump’s 100 days: What has he done?

What has Trump done for our country or our people in the first 100 days?

The one good thing, maybe, is stopping the TPP.

He tried to destroy the ACA and take 24 million people off insurance, end the exemption of preexisting conditions, and turn control over to states with no funding. This would not pass Congress twice, even though they made themselves exempt from it.

Trump appointed Rex Tillerson – a large donor to his campaign and who has a $500 billion deal pending in Russia – as Secretary of State who should be preventing such deals.

He appointed Betsy DeVos, a large donor to his campaign, as Secretary of Education – her goal is to destroy public education and send your taxes to fund vouchers to for-profit schools that she is invested, which your children can’t afford.

Trump ended the EPA freshwater act, whereby allowing the pollution of aquifers that are used for your drinking water and agriculture.

He repealed parts of Dodd-Frank that protect you from predatory bankers and allows banks to make toxic investments again that caused the 2008 recession.

Trump attacked a Syrian airfield after warning Russia (who told Assad) and did no damage but increased his Raytheon stock value. Airfield was used the next day.

His “Made in America/Hire American” only pertains to federal jobs and other businesses. His and his families chintzy apparel is still made overseas – not Made in America Great Apparel.

Trump’s Muslim ban was struck down twice as unconstitutional.

His memorandum for Secretary of Commerce – investigate imports of steel, aluminum, autos, planes and the effect on U.S. manufacturing, and then ordered Russian steel for resumption of Keystone Pipeline.

His childish blustering with North Korea’s insane dictator increases the chance of nuclear war.

Trump also unsuccessfully requested tax money for the outrageously expensive, ridiculously ineffective Great Wall. Mexico is NOT paying for a wall.

Danny Baker


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