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Mon, May 20

Letter: I support Travis Lingenfelter

I’m writing this note in support of Mr. Travis Lingenfelter in which Kristi Turman has come out in the local paper with gross hearsay and innuendoes about the validity of Mr. Lingenfelter.

Absolutely no facts to accompany these absurd accusations and terrible words.

After a decade of the Kingman Airport management running amuck and running off businesses, we finally have someone who has good intentions of building the airport back up. This would lead to making real money and flourishing the town of Kingman with a real airport with everyone rooting for a strong and thriving airport community.

We now have someone coming out of the woodwork saying “Mr. Lingenfelter is not the person for the job.” What the heck?

It definitely seems to me that Kristi Turman is in ties with the current Kingman Airport Authority group.

Where were you, Turman, 10 years ago when the airport was running amuck and businesses were being kicked out of the airport for no reason other than lack of interest? Where was your interest 10 years ago when the pilots lounge was destroyed, and we were told we would get a new one?

Where were you 10 years ago when our airline service was terminated, and the list goes on and on.

If you were to get off your hands and go out in the field once in a while and see first hand what is going on in Kingman, you might not put out such negative hearsays and innuendoes on obstructing progress.

You say you like Kingman, but why then are you trying (very badly I might say) to interfere with the progress that Mr. Lingenfelter is trying to accomplish?

Proud user of the Kingman Airport (what is left of it).

Joe Gutierrez

Kingman Resident


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