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Mon, May 20

Letter: Kingman Crossing: A Boondoggle To Nowhere

As a some what new resident of Kingman I have become dismayed at the continuing discussions of the improbable Kingman Crossing project.

A boondoggle to nowhere and backed by the largest employer in town, Kingman Regional Medical Center. Its stake in the game is an increase in population that equates to an increase in customers and an easier way for it to get themto its door. Sure it would help increase their bottom line, but at what cost to us?

It would strain the already limited resources like water, police and fire protection, roads, sewer services and utilities. Then there is the social issues and the traffic. Seems to me there is a better way.

If you really had the best interest of the city of Kingman at heart, it would manifest itself in ways to increase revenue for the city and its current residents without the burdensome increase in its population and the problems associated with that increase.

If you want to create jobs, do that in the already existing industrial park controlled by the Kingman Airport Authority. It most likely would pay better than retail jobs. To have to create new subterrainial infrastructure in the middle of nowhere that needs a new multimillion dollar off-ramp to get there so you can have more low-paying jobs seems crazy.

If you want to increase tax revenue to improve things for your residents, why not go with what you already have?

In the May 7 paper I read the story “National park visitors spent $995 million at nearby businesses.” Almost $1 billion!

Our job should be to figure out how to relieve those visitors of as much of that money as possible; then send them on their way. Not because we don’t like them, we do, but many of us do not want to turn Kingman into Phoenix.

Maybe the City Council does, and maybe KRMC does, but they may be motivated by something other than quality of life issues for us mere taxpayers.

Wouldn’t it be better to take existing assets and invest in them instead? Spending millions and millions on a project of dubious return is illogical.

Why not see downtown for what it really is, a diamond in the rough. It already brings people from all over for anything related to cars and Route 66.

You already have what you could not possibly build, an iconic piece of history known the world over. Invest in what you have and create incentives for property owners to invest and expand. It could and should be our greatest cash cow. Give people an irresistible reason to pull off the 40 and spend some time and money here.

Trees, shade, shops – make it look like Mayberry. Boulder City did it, and Williams did it. No one ever looked at the Grand Canyon and said, “Let’s build a mall here.”

We shouldn’t look at Kingman and our unique history and think “mall,” either.


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