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Mon, May 20

Letter to The Editor: Health care solution needs to take patients into account

Health Care Solution is simple: Remove the leech from the patient, also known as the bloodsucking insurance industry.

We need to do like social security and make health care government controlled. Then we eliminate the monopoly of the drug companies and their ability to charge 700 times what a drug really costs.

I will never forget the $5 single Tylenol I bought once, the $40 neck brace I paid to use but did not own. It was reused, no doubt, at the hospital many years ago after I had a accident. There was the $1,800 ambulance ride for a one-mile trip to the hospital, and I can go on and on.

We have a system designed for profiteering by leeches, profiteering off the sick, the unfortunate accident victims, and elderly, who we all will be one day if we’re lucky.

Our elected officials seem to be in the pocket of medical/drug companies. Why do you see so many doctors becoming elected officials and then pass pro-doctor and pro-health insurance laws? No rocket scientist work needed there.

Single payer, like the rest of the civilized, industrialized world.

We might even add a thing such as free medical college to anyone willing to serve four years in this government run system.

We can incentivize going into the medical field by offering young people a free education to be doctors, nurses, etc.

Then we can let them be free to practice in private practice, which benefits them and society.

We have a system within the military that works well, and it could work well in recruiting doctors, nurses, and specialized medical categories.

Why do doctors come from India, China and other countries to America? Simple, they can get rich here, whereas they cannot in their homelands.

We are being drained like a leech’s victim.

They will not drop off till they get their fill of our blood.

R. Hill


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