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Sat, Oct. 19

Letter: Hang in there, Travis: Keep doing what you’re doing

I have put off writing because I was so furious when I read the article concerning what happened in Councilman Travis Lingenfelter’s personal life over a year ago.

How juvenile can city and county politics be? Are you a bunch of children who just can’t get along?

News Flash! The world of being gagged and attacked by PCers left with Obama … Oh, but wait, this didn’t happen at work. This didn’t even happen when Travis was elected yet.

So where, you two women, do you feel you have a voice in any of it?

If anyone should complain, it was a year and a half ago, it is his ex-wife whose business it is. And it’s got nothing to do with today, nothing to do with the city, or your jobs.

Gosh, what does it have to do with … why do we … no you, suddenly care?

I won’t even mention the other one involved, the ex-librarian and fiance of a real estate agent – so what? Oh, he’s connected to the airport. Yes, now we get it.

Yep, I worked for the county, too, and I know the way it goes there. This is the Witch Hunt Syndrome. You see someone who doesn’t “think like you” – that, in your eyes, means a “non-team player.” They’re the ones who refuse to be turned into Kingman government clones, which are few and far between, I have to admit.

It’s the old adage of “We hired you to work, not think or talk.”

And Mayor Gates, leave the witch hunting to the little nobodies working there that nobody will miss when you’re suddenly “forced” to fire them.

Get back to your office and your business. You’re a professional Kingman politician again – you’ve done this before and have lots of practice – serving for the second time in your present position. You’re also well practiced in double-speak, which proves you’re a pro.

I’ve heard you talk to the public, and its very PC and very non-informative as to what’s really going on and being planned, which is what you wanted to “get across” to the room of people – your planned agenda.

How very democratic of you – are you sure you’re not a Democrat? – Did you, like many others, change your party in order to get elected?

As a matter of fact, all this witch hunting and PC crap is also a trait of Obama’s Democrats.

This all just reminded me so very much of when Obama spoke. He managed to never answer a direct question, either. After listening to his speeches we realized he hadn’t actually said anything.

We’ve heard this all before, and it’s all just rhetoric!

BK Stimson

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