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Tue, April 23

Letter: Travel by airline at your own risk

For the past few months there has been a lot of problems concerning the airlines. As far as I am concerned, the airlines have brought all of these problems on themselves.

I remember the days when air travel was real pleasant. You had plenty of room to recline your seat without bothering the person behind you. You also got a nice hot meal served on nice dinnerware and also nice eating utensils. I have been on flights when the captain came out and said hello to people.

Those days are long gone. The airlines started getting greedy. They started charging for luggage, and then people started packing things in smaller suitcases and carrying them on board with them to put them in the overhead compartments. Now some airlines are charging for overhead compartments.

Now the airlines are starting to put the seats even closer together to the point where you can’t recline your seat back.

The way I see it, things are going to get worse. These airline executives don’t care about the flying public, they care about keeping the money rolling in. Now, there have been fights on the aircraft. If these airlines don’t start treating the customer better, things are going to get a lot worse. If this kind of crap continues, someone is going to get killed, and then watch the feathers fly.

With all that is going on now, there is no way that I would get on an airplane.

If people would not fly for one or two days, the airlines would get the message.

Ronney L. Case

Golden Valley


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