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Sat, May 25

Letter: Airport Authority concerns

So, the Kingman City Council is asking for a “forensic audit” of the books for the Kingman Airport Authority. How very rich. Where was your financial concern when the city had an employee that (allegedly) embezzled a million plus dollars from your (our) coffers? Just a little hypercritical wouldn’t you say?

Just because the KAA would not roll over and succumb to the council’s wishes to make the KAA into a bustling enterprise that brings in more money to the city’s bottom line to be mismanaged, they cast doubt on the financial dealings of the KAA.

The City of Kingman would do well to fill their empty store fronts within the city first before they can demean another entity for not being proactive on the same front.

The city spent a significant amount of time with lawyers to see if the current contract they have with the KAA could be broken, and now this implication that there may be something amiss with their books?

If there is wrongdoing financially with the KAA it should be investigated, but this sounds like sour grapes coming from the City of Kingman because they cannot and should not be able to run roughshod over the KAA.

Sam Wise



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