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Thu, July 18

Don't underestimate depression

Depression doesn't have a specific set of symptoms, actions, or description.

Depression affects everybody in some way. Some people simply deal with it after a death in their family. Others deal with it daily. I can promise you that with some people you would have no idea they were dealing with depression.

Depression is the person who has to take six pills every day. It's the person who contemplates taking more than the recommended dose. It's also the person who stares at the pills, wishing they didn't have to take it. Depression isn't just curling up on the floor. It's standing tall and cleaning the house every day.

Depression doesn't have a timeline. We won't wake up one day with no depression. We won't just have a bad day. We'll have a bad week. A bad month. And you'll never know. Some days are worse than others, and that's when you'll see it the most.

But don't underestimate depression.

It’s there while we're bathing our kids, or working, or cooking dinner. The thoughts are still in our heads. We still replay what we said to you that never phased you – but is killing us. We still replay what happened years ago. We still fear what will happen after we're done with the task in front of us.

Depression taunts us. It haunts us. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Just because you don't experience it doesn't mean it's not real. You can't just tell us to get over it. We can't just sweep it under the rug. If we could, we wouldn't be waking you up at 2 in the morning because we can't sleep and are afraid of being alone.

We know our lives could be worse. We know how privileged and lucky we are. Don't underestimate depression. For the love of God.

Don't. Underestimate. Depression.


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