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Tue, Jan. 28

Take time to find your happy place

Wow. Fats Domino is gone. Makes you realize once again, we don't last forever.

Growing up in the days of American Bandstand, even in black and white television, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry and the rest were accepted as the wonderful entertainers that they were. No one questioned the fact that they were black and most of their audience was white. There were no black teenagers dancing around during the show. At least none that I recall ever seeing on camera.

We have evolved as a culture in so many ways, accepting people for who they are and not so much what they look like. Yes, there will always be the haters who do not accept anyone who is different from themselves, but I still believe the world is full of good people.

I’ve noticed lately that I am watching less and less of the news on television. I never thought of myself as one who would ever bury their head in the sand. However, I just don't see the point to listening to every single awful thing that makes the news. Just a week or so ago the lead story on a local news show was about someone who had done something truly horrific to a cat! I don't want to hear about this. Who would? It appears that most of the news programs are all about drama.

"Let's just see if we can get a bigger audience by telling them about all the sickos." Do I want to be stuck with the mental picture of this for the rest of the day? No.

I am the first to admit that there are many bad people and bad things going on in the world. I can't fix that. All I can do is try to bring a tiny bit of sunshine and maybe some laughter into people’s lives.

I recently started a second Facebook page. I call it “A Happy Place.” My friends and family are invited to this page one at a time. I ask that they post no political rants, religious shares or anything that may be disturbing to those having an otherwise happy day. I ask that all the jokes be family friendly and to feel free to post pictures of animals and babies. I still use my regular Facebook, of course, but admit I seem to be clicking more folks off than ever.

Lots of people like getting into long discussions. I do too, actually. But then all of a sudden the discussion will often turn just plain nasty! I have no desire to lose friendships over Donald Trump! Life is far too short, and friendships too valuable to throw it all away over political differences.

I like the fact that we are all allowed to have different opinions. However, opinions are just that. Not always based on truth, but rather sometimes just how we interpret things. In any case, we need to chill out. We are all just trying to get through each day the best way we can. Some of us are struggling with things you may know nothing about. If watching the news is getting you all riled up, stop watching it! Pet your dog, take a friend to lunch or just take a walk and watch the leaves fall. There are still so many wonderful things to do and see around you. Be the kind of person that people want to spend time with.

Someday you will cherish those times.

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