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11:40 PM Tue, Nov. 13th

Letter | Greg Henderson: When Does ‘Animal Abuse’ End?

Regarding the recent diatribe on “the inherent cruelty of using animals in circuses.” From citizen Zachary’s lofty perch it appears that all animals that are temporarily confined and trained to perform tasks are inhumanely treated and or abused.

This attitude could not be more wrong.

There are huge assumptions being made here, especially considering the current laws and regulations in place. If you take into account the training and living conditions of horses, dogs, rabbits or any other animal living with humans, all could easily fall into citizen Zachary’s belief of abuse.

They all live in “cages” part of their lives, they are transported in “cages” and are trained to do what we want them to do. If being in a “cage” is abuse, you are calling into question everything from rabbit shows to animal rescue shelters.

This is a very slippery slope we are navigating here, which is exactly what the majority of the City Council found out. After wasting much time the City Council finally realized that they were spinning their wheels on this subject. There was no need for them to completely reinvent the wheel, since there are already laws in place regarding circuses and animal abuse.

It’s very simple. According to current laws, training, housing, showing and transporting animals is allowed and perfectly legal. Simple.