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Rants & Raves | November 12, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Water for Prescott: Who are these crazy people who think everthing else is more important than people getting good, clean drinking water? I’ll start listening when they stop drinking the water.

Kingman High School Marching Band: Congratulations, band! Good thoughts and prayers coming your way. Happiest memories of my friends and I marching in the Vegas Helldorado parade in the dinosaur era, then watching my own kids doing the same. Yes, there’s more than just football.

Polygamist Control Waning: These poor women need all the prayers to be finally set free than we can send their way. Been watching them since the 40s; a few made it out and are vocal at their own peril. God protect them.

Term limits: I would think that after the last few years of the politics in this country, the voters should be just about fed up with these career politicians running this country. Isn’t it about time for term limits at all levels of government? Two terms & they are out, so they go home and live with the laws they have passed.

Social services: Why have parks? Well, those are for our homeless. Why have a library? So our residents can act like they can read. Buster Johnson, the answer is like the city of Kingman: the money is in someone’s pocket.

City Council’s possible late meeting: I just hope the meeting doesn’t run late since our mayor would then vote in anger instead of for the people. Recall time.

Band donations: Come on all you people strutting around in your $60,000 diesel pickups. Give something. Never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch. It’s all clutter to your children when you pass.

Escalating building fees: This is in regards to Gary Watson’s assessment of Social Security going up 15 percent over the past 10 years. Gary, really, do you not realize that when seniors get a Social Security raise that the Medicare also gets bumped up?

Kingman Airport Authority: KAA should not voluntarily give up their valid lease. KAA needs to use as many airport funds as necessary to legally contest the Lingenfelter-driven attempt to cancel the current airport lease.

Kingman Airport Authority: The city hired an attorney in an attempt to get KAA to give up its valid lease on the airport property. And KAA hired an attorney to fight that attempt. How much is this legal fiasco (condemnation) going to cost citizens?

Airport management: The city needs to take over the airport, hire a qualified airport manager who has operated a small airport, and conduct an audit. No one in the city is qualified. Why when we had plane service did the manager never advertise the service?

Band Donations ASAP: Music is as important as education. Don’t let these kids down.

City begins crackdown on Kingman Airport Authority: That crack is nothing. Take a drive around the industrial park out there. It is no wonder no business of any kind will move in there. The roads are more potholes than road. Dirt roads in Golden Valley are better.

County’s new vehicles: My neighbor drives a sheriff’s Tahoe and sometimes it sits idle for four or five days at a time. Why not let some other officer use it when he’s not?

Circus animal abuse: Circus animal abuse? If you believe that a circus life is a good life for any animal, you need to do some research. Comparing them to domestic animals? Now that is quite a stretch. Find another way to entertain yourself.

Citizen who likes the circus: Bored citizens with nothing else to do. Hey, here’s a novel idea. Go see the circus that is coming to town.

Erasing history won’t do it: Amen, William. What would work; dump revisionist history. Washington inherited slaves at 11-years-old; hated slavery but law wouldn’t allow releasing them til his death. So many they actually burdened Mt. Vernon’s budget; he cared for them anyway.

Pair caught illegally dumping: So glad this couple was caught. So sick of seeing the illegal dumping. I’ve even had my garbage can filled to the top with other people’s garbage leaving no room for my own; mostly home repair leftovers.

Fate of unaccompanied children: Not quite the truth, but thank Obama for this disaster. Drooling over future Dem votes, sending people to encourage their coming, Obama and their parents cared little about their safety. Me, a novelty, care about Americans and saving America first.

Veterans Day: All honor to our veterans on Veterans Day. Kudos to Chase Bank who has donated 100 foreclosed homes (and much more), mortgage free, to wounded military veterans; also to eligible spouses of those killed in action. Actions louder than words.

Mohave County honors slain militia member from Oregon standoff: Even though different government agencies were voting, why is there is no problem changing the name of a road honoring a controversial figure, yet when the horrible road name Slaughterhouse Canyon was up for a name change, no dice.

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