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Sun, June 16

Community View | Kingman is Kingman. It should remain Kingman

Times are changing and I am not changing with them very easy at all, especially those being implemented in my own hometown by our illustrious city government.

May I be blunt? I don't like people in positions of power where I grew up that are not natives from our county, and are not even from Arizona, making plans for me.

Secondly, this carpet bagger proposal on the two off ramps east of Kingman off of 1-40. The question I have is who is it going to serve? Who is making the big bucks on this one?

I read in the paper this morning about that new I-11 coming through and these two off­ ramps in the same sentence. It might take us years to really find out who is behind this fiasco. Seems to me that I-11 is going to turn Kingman, Arizona into a Seligman or an Ashfork. Not that I would mind. Why would a traveler stop in Kingman rather than drive on to Las Vegas an hour away? Kingman has always been the pit stop to urinate, to eat and to gas up and hit the road. And that warrants millions of dollars to be spent for two off ramps to lure travelers in? Bull.

Kingman City Public Works cannot keep up with the water leaks on Pine Street: 7 leaks in 2016, 11 leaks in 2017. There are two new leaks this morning so 13 leaks so far this year. Pine Street is still not patched from the repairs a month ago because they do not have money in their budget. Really? But there is money for these off ramps?

I am observing many city employees in government vehicles on the phone as they drive in the city limits. Kingman's double standard is alive and well. In Nevada it's against the law and they will bust you. In Kingman it depends on who you are.

I pay too many taxes, so do a lot of other folks. Some taxes I pay constitute extortion by color of law. My taxes supported building Lee Williams High School, the stadium, the parking lot etc.

What upsets me is I paid taxes for a school parking lot for these kids to park in. Why are they parking up and down the streets in front of resident's homes? We are their trash can, cigarette butts, straws; soda cups from Circle K, candy wrappers. Get the picture? It's not their neighborhood. They don't care.

An elderly lady across the street from me had to put a trash can out in the street just to make sure she has a place for her service people to park. These kids have no respect. I was advised by a policeman to park my RV in front of my home. He understands the problem on both sides of the school but, he has no control, it is a public street. Now city council wants to pass a law against RV's on the city streets.

I have called the school and asked them to direct their students to park in the school parking lot. They have a pat answer for the taxpayers who call up about this nuisance. It is obvious there is no discipline given these kids as the school administration is content to ignore these complaints and let that paycheck keep coming. I believe negative articles of our school teachers a lot more now.

Kingman is no longer the place I grew up. Too many people ran away from their problems and came to Kingman. They brought their ways with them and for some reason want to make my hometown just like the place they ran away from. They seem oblivious that no matter where you go, the real you is eventually going to show up. Instead of learning Kingman customs, they are continuously trying to push their own agenda on those of us who have family history in Mohave County and call Kingman our home.


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