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Tue, Oct. 15

Letter | Calling longtime Democratic voters

This letter is for those who have been longtime loyal Democratic voters most or all their voting life.

For the sake of this nation’s survival; you old-timers of the Democratic party must start paying attention to what has happened to your party. Wow, open your eyes, ears, and brain to what is being done by your party. It should be obvious to all except the many closed minds or those who only pay attention to politics a month before election time.

Your party has been hijacked by far-left liberals and socialists.

All this angry, violent protesting is coming from your Democratic party supporters. Your party supporters are tearing down our historical statues. They even want a plaque removed that was dedicated to where George Washington sat in the church he attended regularly. Our Founding Father? Boy, it’s really getting ridiculous.

Democrats, do you really support the demolishing of America’s history?

All the obstruction in Congress is coming from your party. The Democratic party no longer seems concerned about governing “for the good of the people.”

Is this the same Democratic party you folks grew up with? Does it push for the ideas you still support? Your party seems only interested in one thing; advancing the Democratic party’s agenda of a socialist America.

Do you want a socialist America?

Is that what you longtime, loyal Democrat voters really want for this country? Socialism has never worked in any country at any time in history. How can you in all good conscience, continue to vote for Democratic candidates that support this nonsense and want to turn America into a socialist country?

I know the Republican party is not without faults. After all, they are politicians, too. But at least they aren’t supporting a socialist agenda for America. America was founded and grew to the greatest power in the world on capitalism.

Consider this. If you can’t bring yourself to vote Republican, then vote Independent or stay home. Don’t help them push this country into socialism and the eventual collapse that socialism will certainly bring to this country.

David Gaither


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