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Tue, May 21

A discovery while aging: The past was so much simpler

Getting old reminds us that the past was simpler.
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Getting old reminds us that the past was simpler.

I have now come to the conclusion that maybe I am "Older Than Dirt." Once I hit that big 70, I have to admit to noticing a few changes. Over the next 10 months, my parts began to show some wear. First it was the knee. Only one, thank you, but still enough to slow me down. Those trips to the Wellness Center started to dwindle. I also had a really tough time making it to Walmart every day.

Add all that to the fact that by the time this is posted, I will also have received a pacemaker - Yikes! How ever did this happen?

How do you go from enjoying every day of your life to sitting around feeling like crap? Fortunately, I never have taken good health for granted. I know that the warranty on our parts can expire at any time, and illness has no age requirements.

For some reason I have always tried to do something each and every day, never putting things off. Often times Sister would say, "Why don't you just do it tomorrow?" My answer was usually the same one.

"Because I may NOT be able to do it tomorrow," I would say. “And I know I can do it now."

We only have the moment we are in. Not saying that we should all throw caution to the wind and only live for the "right now,” but at least make the best of each and every day.

No one wants to leave loose ends when they move on from this life. In a perfect world, we would all have the opportunity to "make things right" with all those we love and care about. Anger and all the things that go with it is like the worse disease there is. For some folks it results in being estranged from family and friends for years. Even with the holidays approaching, forgiveness does not come to those who do not ask.

Sister and I have come to the realization that we spend much of the first half of our lives making poor decisions, and the second half trying to make things right. None of us were perfect kids or perfect parents. And we surely have done things we wish we could take back. Seems like what you do today is what really matters.

We have so much good advice to give, but alas, no one wants it. We are just old now and keep telling the same old stories. We all have seen the eye-rolling by our adult kids and grandkids when we are sharing certain stories about the old days. Most of the time they are polite enough to not mention the fact that they pretty much know the ending as soon as we start talking.

I remember my dad saying, "Why is it as we get older, we seem to live more and more in the past?"

I understand that so much better now and believe this happens not because of short-term memory loss, but because the past was so much simpler.


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