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Rants & Raves | November 19, 2017

A chuckwalla lizard photographed at Pinnacle Peak Park in Scottsdale.

A chuckwalla lizard photographed at Pinnacle Peak Park in Scottsdale.

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Louis Shannon’s Memories of Korean War: God bless you, sir. Your country owes you. My cousins serving there always spoke of the ungodly cold. Young whiners of today, complaining about inequality, could use a dose of what you went through to appreciate what they have here.

Lavoy Finicum to be honored by highway named after him: Maybe the Hammond family of Oregon should be so honored. They are the ones whose property overlays valuable rare earth deposits which the government wanted so badly that they imprisoned the Hammonds on frivolous charges. The Finicum-Bundy action supported them.

Mohave County honors slain militia member: Really? Honor a criminal who put our federal law enforcement officers lives in jeopardy? Honor a man who pointed a gun at law abiding citizens? Shame on you, Mohave County Board of Supervisors. Perhaps Bowe Bergdahl Road will be next?

82-year-old vet Libertini attends MCC: Wow! Congrats. Impressive. Encourage watching Oliver North’s War Stories Saturday nights on Fox Business Channel. You will learn, be humbled I promise. One vet, three limbs blown off, took up everything including ... downhill skiing. Perhaps Berkeley whiners could learn something.

Chuckwalla sculpture: That’s just peachy. Hire a California “artist” to make a lizard sculpture when it could be done by local school kids.

Kingman City Council commissions $10,000 chuckwalla lizard: As a citizen and taxpayer I am outraged. Countless roads and entire neighborhoods are in shambles. There is so much that needs done, and instead they throw the money away on a sculpture very few want and that nobody needs.

Slain militia member: The federal agents involved in this situation were law abiding citizens. What a disrespectful act toward law enforcement. Ask any criminal sitting in prison if they had a “justifiable cause” for their crime. Bet they’d all say yes.

Kingman City Council commissions $10,000 chuckwalla lizard: What is this? Ten grand for a lizard sculpture. A tax hike to build a new interchange on I-40. Where are this town’s “leader’s” priorities. They need to fix what they have before they blow money on pet projects.

Chuckwalla recycled metal art: Love recycled metal art; many auto part horses adorn Northern Arizona towns. Someone is always stopping to look. Who knows, maybe part of the El Palacio customers started out as “Running Hare” lookers. And that’s a good thing.

Felons check the box: To heck with that. They are felons, commited crimes and obviously do not have the morals, honor, decency to live within the law. What makes you think they have changed? They were short on character then and probably still are.

It is time to demand council members be held accountable – vote: Kingman City Council members are obligating Kingman residents to spend millions on two interchanges. Those millions of dollars will not be available to spend on other city needs.

Not smart: Kingman City Council members wrongly think building the interchanges will bring in significantly more Kingman tax dollars, but the main benefit is to KRMC and residents who bought homes on the eastern outskirts of Kingman.

Changes coming to Kingman: I 100 percent disagree with your views. I am a California native who moved to Kingman and want progress for this good old boy ran town. You should be kissing our feet for trying to make progress.

Trump team reaches out to Marine vet who is ‘out of ammo’: Loved the article, and my heart does go out to this Marine’s family for their loss. The real bright spot is that this Marine knew his Lord and Savior and so this temporary parting is just that, temporary.

Democrats need to vote: Democrats need to vote the Republicans out of office for Republican-led voter suppression, Republican support of decreased taxes for the very rich and increased taxes for the not-rich, and for trying to abolish medical coverage for millions of Americans.

Kingman boy, 11, faces felony charges for bringing BB gun to school: Agreed, the boy made a mistake and should be reprimanded, but a felony charge seems ridiculous. Most of us are sick of knee-jerk, politically correct reactions to whichever way the wind is blowing. Why ruin his life? Christmas Story anyone?

Mohave County honors slain militia member from Oregon standoff: Outrageous! What’s next, Timothy McVeigh Boulevard?

Monster trucks not welcome at fairgrounds: The BMX folks need to build an enclosed fence paralleling Harrison Street to block the dust and noise that they stir up during their events.


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