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Tue, March 26

Letter | If the city is missing money, maybe they should hand out more traffic tickets

This new tax started Nov. 1. Well, I have a question for you people.

How much money do you think (you could get a “study” done on this) the city is missing out on simply not writing traffic tickets?

Stockton Hill Road is posted at 35 mph from Detroit to Airway avenues, which are high accident areas where “laws are strictly enforced,” so the sign says.

We all know this isn’t true. We all know that traffic laws are not enforced. Why?

What is your problem? Are you afraid it might upset the public if the laws were enforced? Is it just easier to get a new tax?

Many, many drivers do not know what 35-40 mph means. They don’t know what a yellow or red light means, or what a simple stop sign means.

Let’s do your job. Enforce the traffic laws that are in place and the city will gain a lot of money.

Ed Dockery



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