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Sun, April 21

Letter | No more income tax

Keeping the status quo and tax reform, or is it tax cuts, or is it just taking money from a different pocket?

Washington needs to understand that the problem is the income tax and not the deductions that help or hurt the budget and/or the people.

Time to toss the income tax and its thousands of loopholes for special interests, special people, corporations, and even special politicians.

A simpler solution as to how to fund our government would be to tax money spent instead of money earned. With a consumption tax we would keep all the money we earned, profits from big and small businesses could be used for expansion and hiring, and only taxed on expenses.

No one would be taxed on retirement growth and profits until we took the money out and purchased something.

Wondering why we haven’t thought about a federal sales tax before this?

Don’t let them fool you into thinking they’re going to fix, reform or adjust the income tax with its thousands of deductions.

This game of Three-card Monte has gone on long enough.

No more income tax.

William Ressegue



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