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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter | Great-grandchildren of slaves deserve voice for what is acceptable in their church

This in response to David Gaither’s Letter to the Editor, “Calling longtime Democrats”:

Great-grandchildren of slaves should certainly have a voice in their church as to what is acceptable or not in memorializing slaveholders who were founding fathers.

You obviously got your info about this from Fox News, so here’s the real story:

The statues you mention went up during reconstruction, the early part of the 20th century and as late as the protests for civil rights in the 1950s as instruments of Jim Crow racism to keep “black folks” in their place.

These statues are of traitors who fought and killed United States soldiers to preserve their right to enslave people.

Pure socialism has some of it’s basis in greed, as has this pure capitalism. The top 5 percent of people in this country – seeing that you and I don’t live in the small wealthy enclaves of the rich, this is not us – own 95 percent of the wealth and could not give a damn less about you and me.

Thank our constant Democratic fight for the wages you were paid, vacations, paid time, job safety, overtime, and 40-hour workweek. The current protests are for equality in our society and to preserve the gains we have won through protest in the past.

This administration and the Republicans – and a few Democrats – in Congress are working to give even more of this country to themselves and their wealthy cronies while making this a third-world plutocracy.

“Wow, open your eyes, ears, and brain to what is being done” your country.

The government they would destroy – drown in a bathtub – is our United States of America.

Social democracy has evolved in countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France and Great Britain, all of whom are most favored countries to live in.

Pure capitalism has failed the citizens of this country, and we are no longer the leader of the free world because our representative democracy has been off-shored with all our jobs.

Danny Baker


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