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8:22 PM Tue, Dec. 11th

Letter | Save two lives – adopt a pet

Do you feel empty inside, like no one cares? Are you all alone and just want someone to care? I know your answer for this, a pet from the animal shelter.

The animals there feel the same as you do, but only more so in a cage 24/7 with no one to play with, take long walks with, or give their special way of loving.

This could be the best answer for both of you – a kitty and a doggy.

They so badly deserve love just as much as humans do. We can save them and humans by allowing them to get a pet.

I am begging the humane society to open all cages and allow the fur-babies to go free. Set them free, no charge, maybe a donation, but empty those cages. They don’t deserve to die because it’s overcrowded and another comes in.

For a few to be put to death to make room is beyond cruel.

You can even foster these fur-babies, and you can learn how at the humane society. Please, for your sake and theirs, make room in your heart for a kitty and a doggy.

What a wonderful gift for all. I am going to start a petition to open the gates and set them free.

Be watching for it, and until then, please go and get a pet. Save your life and theirs.

Thank you and God bless you.

Sharon A. Cosgrove

Golden Valley

An animal lover and saver