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Sat, Jan. 18

Letter | Sarah Pleth: Is there intelligent life on earth?

Why are there so many “never Trumpers” out there? Why are so many actors and so called comedians disgustingly bashing our president?

Don't hide behind the First Amendment. It was never intended for you to do and say such vile things and use immoral speech. Threats are never covered by the First Amendment. It is treasonous. Could it be that they are not intelligent enough to know Donald Trump as an American? Whatever happened to being grown up and act respectfully? Let us not fall into a frenzy of hatred.

The American people had spoken at time of the election.

We needed someone to give us straight talk, not double-talk.

President Trump is one who cares about the American people. He will not divide the nation like President Obama did. Obama wasn't a saint even though the Democrats want you to think he was. He went behind Congress on a lot of things. However, the rhetoric is in full swing about bashing President Trump that the media is not letting us know all the good he is doing for this country.

Stop being manipulated and brainwashed into believing President Trump is a bad man. Did Obama promise all the entertainers a good place in the world if they continue to bash President Trump? The tone and reaction of what we are seeing today has never been seen before.

Now, let's review what President Trump has done for America so far:

He has taken us out of TPP; has proposed and made the United Nations members pay their fair share so that out of the 193 members, the United States is no longer going to use our tax dollars to pay 25 percent of the total UN fees; take us out of NAFTA or renegotiate the agreement; provide better medical services for our veterans and continues to do more for our vets (who are Republicans, Democrats, etc); wants to reduce taxes for corporate businesses to bring jobs back to America; wants to pull out of the Globalism and One World Order movement happening at a frantic pace; reduced the number of illegals coming in from Mexico who are the gun-runners, drug lords, human traffickers, criminals and terrorists; trying to repeal the bankrupted "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010" and "Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act of 2010," both of which were full of lies and deceit and not one politician ever read the acts before voting on them; pulled us out of the ''2015 Paris Climate Accord" that would needlessly have costed us billions of dollars Obama put us in on Nov. 4, 2016; met with heads of Mexico, Asia, Korea, China, Russia, France, and others to talk peace and the economy; he is trying to prevent North Korea from bombing anyone; he has improved our military forces; he has continued to blog online to defend himself and others and praise others.

There is so much more that I can't list them all.

What did President Obama do in just eight months except for going on an apology tour and take vacations?

Since Aug. 20, 2010, President Obama and the Clintons brokered deals involving uranium-packed fuel rods to Russia that in turn was installed into Iran's Bushehr reactor. This information was obtained from A ''New START'' treaty was signed on April 8, 2010 that was to reduce both U.S. and Russian deployed strategic nuclear weapons.

Did this happen? How could it when they sold uranium-packed fuel rods to Russia who, in turn, sold it to Iran?

It was always the Obama administration that had dealings with Russia.

Senator Diane Feinstein admitted early in 2017 that there was no evidence of any collusion or tampering of any kind between Donald Trump and Russian leader, Putin. Yet, Democrats and politicians still beat this drum.

Are they covering their own "bottoms?"

President Trump still has not received all of his appointees to run this country. I am calling on all Republican and Democrat politicians in Washington, D.C., to let our people go.

Stop blocking everything that President Donald Trump is trying to do for America.

Let's make America great again.

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