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Rants & Raves | October 1, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Process for next city manager: Since Lingerfelter seems to be the only one who has a problem with the city manager, maybe he should pay all of the costs to replace him.

DACA and Christians: Hill is uninformed; 25 NT verses direct Christians to follow authority of their land (laws, Constitution). Many loving?? parents put their under-5 to over-18 children on train tops. Falling, dehydration, rape follows; who cares, they need US anchors.

Letter | DACA and Christians: I wonder how many illegal immigrants Mr. Hill has helped personally? Perhaps he should consider that before berating others.

Councilmember Lingenfelter: Mr. Travis Lingenfelter, it is beyond time for you to stop trading on your “family” name. Dr. Lingenfelter earned the respect and admiration he received – key word “earned” it.

Sewer and water rates: My records reflect a 25 percent sewage-rate increase in 2013. Where is the city proposing to spend revenue from increased fees? Thank your Republican City Council members for continuing to increase fees and taxes without regard for residents on fixed incomes.

DACA and Christians: This letter is full of alternative facts. President Obama used his Executive Privilege because the Republican Congress refused to work with him. Most of these children are in their teens and not 24-and-older. Typical conservative mindset.

B.K.Stimson About DACA: Another compassionate conservative heard from. Most of these children only know of the U.S.A. as their homeland. So let’s be compassionate and give them the help they need to become good American citizens.

DACA and Christianity: Sam Wise is so right. Also, loving parents put their children atop trains to ride from Central America to here? Who does this? Mitt Romney was attacked for putting one dog, secured in a cage atop his car.

Beyond Trump: We don’t have white privilege; we had wonderful white founders who declared all men created equal by God. Trump need say nothing about the KKK for it was founded – lock, stock and barrel – by the Democratic party. Learn your history.

Councilmember Lingenfelter explains city manager decision: Can’t apply (again) for the job unless you get rid of the other guy, eh, Mr. Lingenfelter?

Confederate flags in parade: In general, people are afraid of what others might say about their decision. I don’t believe it’s about your being in the parade. It’s about what they think the backlash will be. Continue the fight to participate. They hate that.

First Arizona State Prison - Kingman advisory board meeting Wednesday: Citizens advisory committees for improving for-profit prisons benefit the prisons, citizens and incarcerated people. The three leading causes of mass incarceration that negatively impact every citizen are unreasonably harsh, long, mandatory sentences, drug incarceration, and for-profit prison corporations.

Deuce: There is always room in the Kingman Daily Miner to remember our furry friends. If only our residents would be more responsible. No breeding! Without ending that, it never gets better.

(Editor’s Note: Deuce has found a forever home.)

Dad takes plea in DUI death of son: Lets see. We have a drunk driver who killed his own son in a vehicle accident. He is looking at less then five years. What ever happened to “Let the punishment fit the crime?” Not everyone likes a plea bargain.

Fake News: The broadcasters do have a tendency to dramatize things. If it is a slow day for news, we have to make what we do have much bigger than it really is. Too many stations ighting for ratings.

The DOC and the community: Most of those released are set up to fail. The return rate will always be high as long as they are felons. It never goes away, and the local police often make sure of that.

Food prices: No complaints here about food prices in Arizona. Recently had an out of state visitor who wished she could do her grocery shopping in Kingman. We all just need to shop wiser to stay ahead of the game.

Police officer rescues skunk: Loved the item with the police and the skunk. If only all officers showed this kind of compassion. What a wonderful world it would be.

No kill shelter: Every time I see someone trying to give away kitties or puppies at Smith’s, I always tell them to spay and neuter, but no one seems to listen. Fine them. Germany does.

Arizona revises civil/criminal court procedures: Defendants must be entitled to draw upon their natural rights enshrined in our Constitution, including the right to challenge jurisdiction in a court of law. It’s an absolute betrayal of historic sacrifices that sleight-of-hand linguistics and spellings steal our rights.

Will Durst on Trump: Durst concludes his hallowed wheezing over recent events by stating Trump will be remembered by all the people who spit at the mention of his name. There’s only so much spit to go around, so how about Ms. Merkel?

Food Prices: Until the 99 cent store came into town, we did not get a fair shake. Why do the Spanish stores all over Las Vegas charge$1 for 8 pounds of potatoes and onions on a regular basis?

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