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Sun, Dec. 08

Pumpkin spice and losing weight is nice

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Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer is here. Now that may not mean much for some folks, but to me it means many things.

For one, the holidays are just around the corner. Even before Halloween is here, I see the Christmas items lining up the store shelves. Secondly, I get to enjoy this wonderful holiday flavor in my coffee because it is only a seasonal item and there is no time to get sick of it. I then switch back to my usual favorite.

I still buy the sugar-free version, even though it is here a short time. I try to make more healthy choices whenever possible. Now that Sister has lost over 100 pounds, I actually like eating better. I’ve lost over 40 myself with little effort. Different things work for us, and we do not preach healthy eating to others. I believe it is a personal choice, and we can't make it for anyone else.

We don't count calories and are not on any kind of exercise regime. We just bring healthier stuff into our home. I have taught Sister to never use the "D" word. I always believe that a diet has a beginning and an end. Eating better should be a lifetime commitment. How can you fail on a diet, if you are not on one? I think we can all agree that the biggest reason a diet fails is because one bad day happens and it's over.

It is pretty easy to direct others on what they should do in order to find and remain at a healthy weight. Most of those giving direction have never been fat. We all remember those from school who ate like a horse and remained skinny as a rail. Maybe it was just genetics, or something else that was going on. In any case, I wonder if the skinny girls are the ones who become diet gurus and exercise coaches. How they become experts at these things, remains a mystery.

We will often hear that we should "just love ourselves for who we are and not how we look." Sadly, most people will judge us by how we look, like it or not. When I lived in San Diego I know that I never saw a large woman at a front desk of any business. I also recall that I once was not hired at a See's Candy store because I was overweight.

"It does not motivate customers to buy candy, if the person behind the counter is overweight," I heard.

Do they think the employee must have gotten into the candy? If the airplane seats get any smaller, only skinny people will be allowed to fly on a plane. I think the airlines would rather like that. How many more sardines can we fit in coach?

I am happy to announce that with all the attention on eating healthy, the stores provide many low-fat and no-fat items. We spent a long time finding the stuff that did not taste like cardboard, but it is out there now. Just making small changes makes a big difference. I know a few people who struggle with their weight, yet they refuse to give up real sugar or real sodas. If you can't do that much, you likely will never achieve the goal you seek. In order to be the person you want to be, it often requires a tiny bit of sacrifice. Speaking as a sugar-junkie, it can be done! When I am overwhelmed with thoughts of donuts, cheesecake and the rest of their gang, I walk to the store and get it. Just enough to get over the sweet tooth, and never enough to keep in the house. I often give sweets to my neighbors. I guess I don't care if they get fat. Does that make me a bad person? I have to save myself. If I were on a diet, I likely would throw in the towel after having a sugary day.

Anyway, I finally wear a size 10 and it is no longer just my shoe size. The battle continues every day. I really wish I did not have to wait till I was in my seventies for my actual weight to match what my state I.D. card says for the first time in my life. Whatever works for you, is what matters.

Wishing all those who will gain a couple of pounds from Halloween candy, Thanksgiving, and, of course, Christmas, to keep on going back to whatever works. Don't get discouraged or ever stop trying. Hey, if it took till I was seventy, so be it.

It is kind nice wearing the same size two years in a row.

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