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Rants & Raves | October 8, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

DACA and fake news: Right wing fake news, one explanation for these preposterous letters. Do people actually believe such nonsense? Trump has divided this nation like no other, such hate, such rage, and most of all, such ignorance.

Tattooing, too young: Some call it body art. They also think giant holes in the ear lobes are attractive. I call it self mutilation. Some tats are truly beautiful. Oothers can project a scary image, even when done well.

Sanctuaries for old dogs: I just have to ask - what kind of person complains about a sanctuary for old dogs? And not even about noise. Find another cause to go after, please.

Las Vegas shooter: Is it not funny how we tend to get to know people and what their private lives hold or held after they do something very wrong?

City manager: The city manager in Needles, California has a salary over $200,000 and the community is a ghost town.

Rural libraries: “No matter where you live remotely in Mohave County, we have no obligation to bring you library service or internet service,” Supervisor Buster Johnson answered. Mr. Johnson, obligation? It’s a matter of common sense, good governing, and improving living standards.

Mass shootings – Whitley: When next? Try Chicago – last year there were 2,000 shootings. Every week, like clockwork, black on black, stringent gun laws mean nothing. Sept. 24, black Emanuel Sampson entered Antioch, Tennessee Church of Christ, shot numerous whites, one died. Liberal press ignored.

Growing up in an era of mass shootings: How about growing up in an era of mass surveillance, including the “Internet Of Things?” You do know that Samsung has been watching your naked kids in their bedrooms for years now? Oh, and there’s this thing called the NSA.

City manager paid leave: So the clique failed to get their way. Boo hoo for Travis Lingenfelter. He needs to be run out of town before his head swells up any more. He is not the mayor, he’s a flunky.

Diane Richards plea deal: Only nine years and she can get out in three with good behavior? She isn’t sorry at all. You don’t make a deal with a criminal when you know for a fact that she is guilty.

Kingman City Council: (Mayor) Monica (Gates) isn’t part of the clique? Sounds to me that they are now trying to shut her out also. Will Travis (Lingenfelter) make sure that Monica is the next to go?

Nine years for million dollar embezzeler: What about the officials that oversaw the money? You know, the ones that didn’t do their job and allowed her to do what she did.

J’aime Morgaine: It is Gosar’s Facebook page. If he doesn’t want her babbling, he should not have to put up with it. What about his rights?

Diane Richards: Richards expression on her face tells a lot about her. These people have no remorse or regrets for their wrongs. Hope she receives the mental helps she needs in prison. She is not the first, nor will she be the last.

Morgaine sues Gosar: Warning! If it’s lies that bother this person, stay away from Hillary Clinton’s, Chuck Schumer’s and Nancy Pelosi’s mouths. But really, this is so petty. There are so many more worthwhile projects to take up like praying an hour daily for our country.

City Council: City Council has a few problems, people. How long are we going to listen to these weak excuses?

Councilman Yocum’s DUI trial: We are paying him a salary for being a councilman and paying his public defender? Isn’t that some kind of conflict of interest?

Water system: $60 million, I don’t think so. The city always has an issue regarding the water and sewer. Don’t they plan ahead: No. What has happened to the improvement districts? There is a sewer line down Washington Street with no connections in years.


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