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Thu, July 18

Letter | Confederate Krusaders?

This one made me laugh! Substituting the K for a C in Crusaders is obvious to anyone but a half wit what that means!

I was born in the deep south, white as rice, had two uncles now deceased die hard Ku Klux Klansmen, former democrats who left that party in the 1960s as many die hard racists did and they went to the republican party in that great Southern Strategy of Nixon, or as some like to call him Tricky Dick.

The great irony he was the only republican I ever voted for, have to admit youth, since I was a young U.S. Marine and the Major who collected us in our tent issuing us absentee voter cards, told us he was not telling us who to vote for but he was reminding us Nixon was our commander in chief, so I did what many patriotic Marines did that day I checked off Nixon, who ended up resigning not too long after that.

These folks flying confederate flags are fooling no one but themselves that no one knows what their real demons are! My great-great grandfather was conscripted into the confederate army in Georgia, as many were, they called it a draft up north. He owned no slaves, was a simple farmer.

In any event I do not fly confederate flags, that era was one of dishonor, rebellion, treason, if I do decide to fly a flag it will be a U.S. flag.

Ralph Hill



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