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Sat, April 20

Community View | Rich Thurlow: If the city wants to recycle, lower the trash pickup bill

The city has decided the Walleck Ranch and Legacy subdivision areas will only get trash pickup once a week starting in November. Trash pickup will be on Monday. The second trash day, Thursday, will now be only for recycling.

I support this inconvenience if the city plans to lower our bill for trash pickup. The city has reported there is money to be saved by recycling, and if we are being forced to participate it is only fair that we be reimbursed.

As for me, I like the idea of recycling. I do not like the city messing with the services I pay for and dictating to me that I will participate.

Ed Tapia with Public Works is the city contact and he's a really nice guy. From him I learned cardboard, aluminum and other metals have value, though not a lot. He also said the city staff will go through our trash by hand, and that there will not be a staffing increase.

Kind of makes you wonder what those people are doing now, doesn't it, if they can find the time to rifle through our refuse along with their current duties.

Tapia also said Bulldog Disposal would be sifting through our trash as part of the program.

From the city of Kingman flyer mailed to my home: "Depending on citizen participation, levels of contamination in the recycling, and the commodity market, the program may be terminated prior to completion. Evaluation of the program will be ongoing."

When my regular garbage can is full because it only gets emptied once a week, I'm going to be contaminating.


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