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Wed, April 24

Goodwill’s grand opening at the new location is a huge success

Shoppers peruse the clothes selction at the new Goodwill store at 3320 Stockton Hill Rd.
Photo by Hubble Ray Smith.

Shoppers peruse the clothes selction at the new Goodwill store at 3320 Stockton Hill Rd.

Deals to look for

Three deals to look for at the new Goodwill store that opened Friday at 3320 Stockton Hill Road, Suite E. The store is open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.


That’s the store’s bread and butter. There are racks upon racks of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel. You can find girls skirts ($3.99); boys jeans ($4.99); women’s blazers ($9.99 to $13.99); men’s flannel shirts ($5.99); and New Balance and Champion athletic shorts ($4.99).


A wide assortment with men on one side, women on the other. For men, like-new Texas Steer steel-toe working boots ($14.99); leather cowboy boots ($12.99); purple low-top Converse All-Stars ($12.99); and Stacy Adams black dress shoes ($7.99). For women, Fila running shoes ($9.99); BCBG Generation laced high heels ($5.99); and Antonio Melani low-heel casual slip-ons ($12.99). And don’t pass up the accessories (handbags, belts).


Whether you’re starting out or adding on, you’ll find something you need for the home. There are plates (99 cents), 5-quart Cuisinart boiling pot ($4.99); and Toastmaster oven ($9.99). Maybe a painted horse ornamental dish ($4.99) or Richie Sexson bobblehead from his one season with the Arizona Diamondbacks (99 cents).

The new Goodwill store opened with the madness of Black Friday with shoppers scrambling for deals and lining up 30 deep at the cash registers. There were no fist fights, however.

It was, after all, Friday the 13th, and Halloween decorations topped many of the shelves in the 22,000-square-foot store at 3320 Stockton Hill Road, Suite E, formerly Bealls Outlet.

More than 200 people started lining up at 7:30 a.m. Friday, an hour and a half before the grand opening, which offered free coffee and donuts and $5 gift certificates to the first 150 customers.

“It’s been so exciting, the support from the community and from people who came out this morning,” said Lea Soto Graham, marketing manager for Goodwill of Central and Northern Arizona.

A lot of new items were brought in from Goodwill’s central sorting facility to stock the shelves for the grand opening, and from here it will be up to Kingman residents to make donations, Graham said.

Sally Roberts and Tamra Tate were rifling through a rack of blouses like they were on a shopping spree. And at $5 a blouse, they were.

“This is extremely well organized, very shoppable and the prices are good. I’ll be back when it’s calmer,” Roberts said.

The new Goodwill store is a welcome addition for Kingman retail, especially in light of the recent closing of Kmart, said Roberts, who worked there for 28 years.

“We need more shopping like this,” she said. “It’s reasonable.”

Tate said she shopped the Goodwill on Airway Avenue, but everything was thrown into bins and quality of items was inferior.

“We wanted to see how everything was here and it was spectacular,” she said. “Everything is organized by color.”

Rita Munson was loading several artificial house plants into her car shortly after the grand opening. Living in the desert, she likes to bring green into her house.

“It’s busy, busy, busy. It’s crowded, but I got the stuff I wanted,” she said.

From household items to clothing and shoes, great finds are lying in wait, said Graham, who works in Goodwill’s Prescott office. Furniture is a big thing as well.

“It’s a new shopping experience and our goal is to bring more shoppers and donations here. It’s a more accessible location,” Graham said.

Along with the retail business, Goodwill has set up a career center at the store with computers to search for jobs and advisors like Cristy Crow to help with resumes and the interview process.

Goodwill helped place more than 44,000 Arizonans in jobs with hundreds of companies last year.

“The community has a need,” Crow said. “It helps connect people with employers in the community. We also help build skills, interview skills, and build confidence so they can be successful.”

While no financial figures were disclosed, Goodwill spokeswoman Courtney Nelson said the decision to close the Airway location and move to a power shopping center will pay dividends in the end.

“We looked at all the operations of the (Airway) location and the efficiency and what did that service and experience look like,” Nelson told the Daily Miner when the new store was announced. “It wasn’t a convenient location. It didn’t have space for receiving. Parking was limited, and some people had to park on the street.”


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