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1:14 AM Thu, Nov. 15th

Letter | We need to obey traffic signs

It never ceases to amaze us how people do not pay attention or flat out ignore traffic signs. The road department should do us a favor, and take down the signs. They aren’t doing any good anyway, so why keep them up? Road construction signs? Ha! So many people go roaring through construction zones at top speeds.

School zone signs; there are just a few people who actually obey them and do 15 mph through there. Speed limits are a joke; people think it must apply to somebody else and not them. If you do obey the speed limit, you are in danger of being run over or run off the road by those who don’t obey the limit, or people will get behind you and flash their lights at you to move out of their way. So take the signs down, melt them down and sell them for scrap.

Our next “beef’ is cellphone use while driving, either texting or talking. We thought it was a law that you were not supposed to text and drive, or are we mistaken? I have a cellphone, and I ignore it until I am stopped in a parking lot or at home. I do not use my cell while driving because it is a distraction and can cause accidents. It is not worth having an accident or killing somebody. I am old enough to have seen accidents that were fatalities, and that’s not something you forget. We still see cellphone usage going on all around us, even by some law enforcement. Isn’t law enforcement supposed to set the example for us? Maybe we were mistaken.Oops, our bad.

David & Jessica Walker