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Fri, Nov. 15

Letter | Enough is enough with playing favorites

I’m a firm believer in the quote, “What comes around goes around.” Especially where the liberal justice system is.

I’m sick and tired of our legal system playing favorites with the guilty and ignoring the victims of criminal acts, no matter how big or small the crime may be.

Here are five examples:

1) Domestic Abuse; 2) Arson; 3) Rape; 4) Child Molestation; 5) Schoolyard Bullying.

Here is a serious question and food for thought, “Why should we the victims have to live in fear?” So the political, liberal courts can slap the guilty on the wrist.

Don’t we have any rights left in this country anymore?

Please think about that, folks. Our justice system is a complete political joke, in my book.

And when we deserve compensation, we the taxpayers are always getting the raw end of the deal.

Justice must be served equally. Either we receive compensation or we, the taxpaying victims, will refuse to pay taxes. Get my drift now?

We can have you sued for playing favorites with the guilty. Like or lump it. Do you understand? Yes or no? Just like you force us into court to answer.

I’m refusing to stand down and won’t scare easy, either.

Kenny Lee Barrows


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