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Rants & Raves | October 29, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

The word that makes us uncomfortable: Hogwash! We haven’t come far? Try listening to black rap; real problem is revisionist history. Those whities that founded us had the message by 1770; later died in droves to prove their point – that ALL men are created equal.

Local Republican Party: Anybody who listened to Mohave County Chairman Larry Schiff on the radio knows he is not really a Republican.

The word that makes us uncomfortable: How sad that so many wonderfully written books are now gone. But cursing and having inappropriate conversations on your phone in public? Yes, that is OK! Glad Harper Lee is not around to see this.

Review of “Only the Brave” God bless all firefighters – undoubtedly our best and bravest. I also include those doing home emergency visits, something I have received several times. They’re fast, caring, simply superb. The Yarnell Hot Shots will always be a heartbreaker. RIP!

Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course: Raising prices doesn’t bring more play.

City Council Agenda Items: So Mayor Monica Gates is saying she will vote against anything that she would vote for at 5:30 p.m. if she hears them at 10 p.m.? Recall time in Kingman. Mayor Gates needs to be recalled.

Former sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pardon: The judge’s ruling confirms Arpaio will remain the criminal that he is. Too bad Arpaio cannot be subjected to the same persecution he rained down upon the Latino population.

Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course: Mr Pitts has a plan to increase the use of the golf course. The city needs to do their part ... this facility needs a lot of upgrading to make it appealing to the public.

Candlelight vigil for mental illness: If you’re not mentally ill before being arrested for a crime you didn’t commit, or committed in a context of intolerable government crime, you will be afterwards. America’s founders would be judged mentally ill, if other nations hadn’t helped them.

The city will always find new fees: The city, the county, the state, the feds, and yes, your homeowners association, will always have regular meetings about how to get more of our money.

Flake retires: Sen. Jeff Flake is running scared, doesn’t want to get it handed to him by Kelli Ward, so he is resigning, then he can return as the RINO he is.

McCain: Sen. John McCain is not happy his “puppy” he raised from a newbee is running.

Millionaires playing football haven’t a clue: Your service appreciated. One year, taking grandkids to Fort Bliss cemetery, one 7-year-old granddaughter ran to put her U.S. flag on a German POW’s grave. Correcting her, she corrected me back with, “But Grandma, his mother loved him.”

Speed kills: Please observe the speed limits and respect your neighbors. Will it take another vehicular tragedy and lawsuit against the City of Kingman to focus attention on drivers speeding through neighborhoods?

Flake retires: Thank you to Senator Flake for having the integrity to stand up to Trump’s degrading of American values.

Former sheriff Joe Arpaio’s pardon: The judge’s latest decision on “Sheriff Joe” rightfully leaves in place the fact that the Arpaio was found guilty of a criminal act. I wonder if Latinos will file lawsuits against Arpaio for his human rights violations?

Antoine “Fats” Domino: RIP, Antoine. One of the good ones, 60-plus years of marriage, nine children, wonderful memories left for us. I still break out in Blueberry Hill and do the Mummers Strut before I even realize I am doing it.

Kelli Ward: It figures Kelli Ward would celebrate the retiring of one of the few senators that is willing to stand up to Trump. Trump is trying recreate what Russia, China and N. Korea have done, absolute devotion to him. Kelli will do well.

National Parks fees increase: If the fees keep going up, there will be less people going to the parks.

Plastic bags: Banning plastic bags isn’t illegal. There are other means of carrying our goods. Plastic bags flying in the Grand Canyon isn’t a sign of beauty. Government officials have become just as plastic as bags and bottles that litter this state.

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