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Fri, Nov. 15

Please slow down and watch for pedestrians

Another close call for yours truly this morning. Am I so small a person that it is difficult to see me in a crosswalk? Not likely. Then why is it so often a life threatening move to cross Stockton Hill Road? I never cross on a red light and wait until I can actually see the little walking man before I step off the curb.

Lucky for me that I have developed good peripheral vision over the years. I never assume cars and trucks will stop for me just because it is my turn to go. It was dangerous enough before cellphones. Now it is treacherous.

Just this morning on one of my routine trips to Wally-World, I had another close call. It was so close that even the school bus driver who was waiting at the light shook her head. I have to wonder, as I watched him turn into Walmart, what could he possibly need so bad at 7 a.m. that he nearly runs over someone? As he sped around the corner it was obvious that he was on a mission.

Everyone seems to be in a hurry these days. Twenty-four hours is no longer enough time for one day. Perhaps this generation will somehow find a way to fix that. It seems that everything has been shortened with letters of the alphabet, so that people do not need to use real words anymore. I remember thinking how it seemed so disrespectful to keep saying "9/11,” instead of remembering the infamous day that changed so many things. I guess September 11 just takes too long to say. There isn’t enough time to put a complete sentence together anymore.

My own son will often ask why I did not answer his private message to me on Facebook. I have to remind him that I am not using a cellphone, but am sitting in front of my desk top computer while using Facebook. I do have many hours away from the computer, and I do still have a phone. It is called a landline, and I can be anywhere else in the apartment and still answer the phone. Imagine that.

Just this last weekend while attending a birthday party, someone was trying to contact one of the guests who was late. I watched as three people went to their phones to look up the phone number. I just blurted out, “529-.” They all stared at me. "What? None of you remember when you could keep a phone number in your head?”

I actually have a small phone book next to my home phone for the numbers I do not remember. No chance I will forget my own number, if I lose my phone. Hah!

While people walk into walls, fall off of curbs and even step into holes while distracted, I remain focused. I hope I never think I am so terribly important that I need my phone surgically attached at all times. And for those of you who still insist on texting or talking while driving, at least try to remember which is the gas and which is the brake.

Those of us who still walk from Point A to Point B appreciate it.

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