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Rants & Raves | September 24, 2017

Got something on your mind? Tell us about in 40 words or less. If your rant or rave is about a specific story please mention the headline.

Faith-based Recovery: I must say I am not keen on a “faith based” recovery program. “Being saved” is what they work towards. No recovery program that is state, federal, or locally funded can be nor should be “faith based.”

Retired: Good to know that being old is helping the unemployment rate. Yes, we do go to doctors a lot, and yes, we do frequent food establishments whenever affordable. Hoorah for seniors! We are helping the economy. Who knew?

Pennsylvania police terrified of red balloons: If someone wants to really terrify the American people, make a movie about Dick Cheney and pals. Maybe from the perspective of an Iraqi child.

Sewer and Water Issues: City Council is looking to raise sewer fees? They should be looking to lower them. Look how many new homes have been connected to that sewer line. With more connected and paying into the service, it should go down.

Kingman Crossing: If KRMC makes fabulous profits by merely “managing” patients’ pains, why not let it fund one of the interchanges rather than raising taxes? Perhaps peoples’ health care could be made “manageable” also by funding a way to actually cure their ills.

HOAs: Having served as a board member on a HOA, fines, etc., are nothing new. The CC&Rs that are signed at the time of purchase are clear as to what they can expect. Follow the rules, or pay the fines.

Presidential Fodder: Republican or Democrat, it is never OK to use the president as fodder for humor, time and time again. Isn’t it time for some new material?

Central City Complex: What’s $30 million when we don’t have enough money to complete the repaving of El Trovatore hill on Andy Devine Avenue?

Palo Christi: Great facility ... and just maybe the mayor and councilman can learn to play nicely in the sandbox.

Your On Your Own: LGD. Lost our home, in the flood of ’93. As anyone can tell you, for the first two or three weeks after, friends and strangers will bend over backwards to help each other. Afterwards, no.

Robert Green’s Letter to RNC: Trump accomplishments are there; you must find them amid lies of the leftist media. Find good websites (; if you can’t donate, call Republican RINOS; (Collins 202-224-2523, McCain 202-224-2235, Murkowski 202-224-6665, McConnell 202-224-2541, Flake 202-224-4521); remind them why they’re there.

Sewage, water issues rear their heads at City Council: So, Councilman Lingenfelter requests “a Water Recharge and Sustainability Commission?” Let me guess; it will be volunteers, which of course he oversees, yet makes no effort to do any of the legwork.

Gov. Ducey behind plan to end Obamacare: This shows that Governor Ducey only cares about corporations and the wealthy in this state. He doesn’t care that we’ll be back to uninsured babies and the poor being without insurance. He is supposed to be governor of all Arizonans.

Global Warmists need to lose their arrogance: Using the hurricanes for political rampage is sickening. Such trash should be edited out. What if global warming turns out to be factual. Wouldn’t it be better to prepare for it?

The historical downtown building has an uncertain future: I would kill to make that beautiful place a bed and breakfast – alas, no funds. It’s too bad that the owners can’t see that this beautiful piece of history deserves to be saved. Breaks my heart.

City manager isn’t surprised by council’s Decision: Travis Lingenfelter doesn’t like Dave French so he’s gone. Lingenfelter also doesn’t like John Dougherty so he’s gone. Do you think that the problem might really be Lingenfelter? Watch out for him, he wants to become Kingman’s supreme ruler.

City manager isn’t surprised by council’s decision: Send your city manager to Havasu ... Maybe he will do us some good here.


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