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Tue, Jan. 21

Letter: DACA and Christians

In reference to Mr. Ralph Hill’s “DACA and Christians” opinion letter in the Sunday, 9/24 of the Daily Miner.

Mr. Hill left out, conveniently or otherwise, actual “facts” regarding DACA. First and foremost, Obama enacted this “protection” unconstitutionally and illegally as he did not have the authority to do so. Second; these are not “kids” we are talking about, the average age range from 24 to 36 years old. Third; to say that if they would be deported to their country of origin that would be foreign to them is incorrect. The majority of these “kids” have family still in Mexico that they routinely go back to visit which is why they travel with their DACA paperwork so they can return to the U.S.

The illegal aliens that do have jobs do so with an illegal social security number that they bought or was stolen along with the job an legal American could hold.

They protest on the street “demanding” amnesty for them and the other 11 million, or more, illegals in this country that were not brought over here when they were young. These ungrateful illegals enjoy “taxpayer funded” housing, welfare, food stamps and education but still demand more. They could care less about becoming a citizen as their free tax payer immensities would end.

There are millions of others that would like to make a better life for themselves and their family but they are doing it the correct way, legally and going through the process. Why should law breakers have status over anyone willing to follow our laws?

DACA should never have happened and therefore should be ended. It has nothing to do with being Christian and everything to do with being a country of laws and secure borders.

Sam Wise - Kingman

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