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Wed, Jan. 29

Letter | Why tear up the American Flag?

Aleeta Stamn’s Sept. 19 editorial comment misquoted my Sept. 13 community view comment. She states, “The first false premise is that this offense must have been committed by “drifters ...” My comment, repeated from Visitors Center staff, was “... drifters had been making the parking lot one of their shelters at night. This could explain what happened to the flag,” not “... must have been committed …”

She also stated, “The second false premise is the assumption that every single person in Kingman shares her obvious ultra-right wing bent. She states that “Kingman is not L.A., Berkeley, or some other anti-everything radical city or university. Her limited worldview apparently doesn’t allow for the fact that the vast majority of people who live in L.A. – or even Berkeley – are not ‘radicals,’ and that Kingman is a city filled with transplants from other places.” Huh? Those were not my words. I said “this is not L.A., Berkeley or some other anti-everything radical city or university. How could this happen in the fiercely patriotic city of Kingman, Arizona?”

Does being patriotic make a person an ultra-right winger? I am a Republican and proud of it. As for my, as you say “limited worldview,” I’ve lived, not visited, but lived in five foreign countries, including two unfriendly-to-America where one must constantly be on guard. I’ve also enjoyed visiting other countries as a tourist. What I see happening in my “limited worldview” is our great republic rapidly becoming a liberal socialistic anti-constitutional society. To me that is abhorrent.

Not only that, I’m one of those “transplants from other places.” I’m a native San Franciscan with both sides of my family migrating there before the California Gold Rush. I’ve seen the once beautiful Golden State changed drastically since the 1960s and turned into a cry-baby “ultra” socialistic gimme-state due to its political bent. I still have family in California, many of whom have moved to other parts of the state far less liberal than the L.A. and San Francisco Bay areas. Arizona is for me!

JP Beck

Golden Valley

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